हाई ब्लड प्रेशर के सरल उपचार. How to treat and tackle high blood pressure?


                 The stress caused by irregular routine and lifestyle of urban population and especially among youth today, high blood pressure (Haiprtenshn) problem, as almost 30 percent of India's rapidly emerging urban population vulnerable to the disease reported is. While 10 to 12 percent of rural suffer from this disease. Medicine to lower blood pressure in hypertension more harmful than has been reported. The reason is that in patients with high blood pressure can cause complications in other ways. High blood pressure, stroke or heart attack occurs in the perimeter. In India, people over 35 years, the disease is rapidly entering.

Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Detector     Many people around the world is one reason Haiprtenshn of the main causes of death. And because of the lack of physical activity. Obesity, stress, eat and drink casually, serious illnesses, smoking, drugs etc.
      Blood pressure systolic blood pressure adds to the maximum pressure. While pressure is called diastolic pressure less than 120/80 Hanladrsh ie high blood pressure is 120 and below 80. Diastolic pressure occurs more often in young people being exceeded, while in older people than systolic pressure comes into view. Due to high blood pressure in the patient cardiac disorders, kidney disease, nerve system, etc. Many of the troubles can lead to complications such as Hankuchc blood pressure brain hemorrhage that led to extremely serious problem is being viewed.

  Low blood pressure medicine hypertension has been considered more dangerous.

High blood Cha letter Lkshn--

Increased blood pressure splitting headache, fatigue, leg pain, vomiting and complaining of symptoms known as petulance arena. The disease associated with lifestyle and eating habits due to the drugs is not possible to eradicate the disease. Life changes required in routine and diet can control the disease altogether.

High blood pressure is the main Karn--

1) Obesity

2) stress (tension)

3) hormonal changes in women

4) Using more salt

Now, these simple home treatments, which will be discussed carefully in order to use the tablet without Kepsul this terrible disease completely under control is-

1) The most important thing is that the patient should reduce the use of salt at all. Salt raising blood pressure is a major factor.

2) High blood pressure is a major cause blood to be thick. His flow is slowed by the thick blood. This increases pressure in the veins, arteries and blood pressure Hallhsun domestic commodity is very helpful in treating blood clot is not freezing. Arterial stiffness is beneficial. In the case of blood more Kolestrrol addresses.

           3) a large spoon amla juice and honey morning -sham only has the benefit of taking high blood pressure.

4) When the blood pressure being exceeded, then the half-glass of moderately hot water, a teaspoon of black pepper powder to be dissolved drink from distances of 2-2 hours. Blood pressure is the right position to get excellent treatment.

5) melon with equal amounts of both gray matter and poppy seed Milalen grinding. A spoon morning and evening empty stomach with water Lenk3-4 weeks or continue to the need.

6) to control increased blood pressure quickly Nichodkr half glass of water 2-2 hours by a margin of half a lime drink on. Salutary treatment.

7) of basil, 10 husband and neem leaf 3 to 7 days to take on an empty stomach with water.

8) papaya pound fence every morning on an empty stomach. 2 hours later nothing fence. Benefit greatly from one month use.

9) 15-20 minute walk barefoot on the grass. Walking daily blood pressure is normal.

10), fennel, cumin, sugar in equal amounts over three Bnalen powder. Spoon mixture into a glass of water and drink morning and evening are dissolving.

11) steamed potatoes dinner Halalu best means of lowering blood pressure in sodium (salt) is not.

12), spinach and carrot juice and drink a glass of juice in the mornings and evenings. Other Sbjiyon juices are also beneficial.

13) Do not take more than 3 grams of salt a day.

14) egg and meat are things that increase blood pressure. For blood pressure patients are taboo.

15) gourd and drumstick Fli-patient for hypertension are the ultimate beneficial.

16) The fruit Khaan-  banana, guava, Sevfl natural substance helps remove blood pressure disease.

17) Turn off the intake of sweets and chocolate.

18) Dry Fruits - such as almonds, cashews, etc. Khark substances beneficial for high blood pressure patient.

1 9) Rice: -  (Brown) Laven in use. Salt, cholesterol, and fat is nominal. It is very beneficial for high blood pressure patient is eating. Board of calcium found in Nadi is security.

20)   Ginger -    Ginger is also quite like onion and garlic is beneficial. Bad cholesterol, or plaque on the walls of the arteries that produces scum containing calcium, which is restricting blood flow and high blood pressure as a result appears. Such activity can be very powerful in ginger Antiokseedets that are very effective in bringing down the bad cholesterol. Ginger also improves your blood circulation, the muscles around the arteries to prop so that hypertension comes down.

20)  Lalmirc: -  hardening of the arteries due to plaque deposits or due to them are narrow blood vessels and nerves that lead to blockages in the blood stream. But the nerves and blood vessels widen cayenne, consequently blood flow becomes smoother and blood pressure drops.

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Low blood pressure

(Low blood pressure)   remains the following treatments have proved beneficial ---

   ** 10 raisins in water overnight Glaan nos. One morning very fine chewing eat raisins. Make it measures two months.


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